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The pace of love is slow.

In order to care deeply about something, we must take the time to slow down and really see it.

Making a home is something that requires us to slow our pace and experience the richness and depth of each task.

I see homemaking as centered on creating a place of life giving peace for one's family. It will take faithfulness, endurance, and willing hands, but the outcome will be a refuge from the harshness of the world, built on a foundation of love.

The hearts that reside under our roofs are longing for hope that is beyond what this world can offer. We must allow the Hope of the World to shape our hearts and minds so that we, in turn, may offer the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the longing hearts entrusted to our care.

“We are all unfinished homes.
All the grey corners will someday be painted white.
Someday the roses will climb upon every wall and the aroma of Christ will be all encompassing.

But there is still joy here in the unfinished hearts and homes.

What a gracious God we serve that He is making us into more of what we already are; the righteousness of Christ."

-Holly Grace Levell