The Thief of Joy

"The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I come that you may have life and have life abundantly."

-John 10:10

Recently I had a moment where I realized that I had been letting Instagram run my life. I was living to post the next image.

As we serve a God who is both fiercely jealous of our attention and yet greatly gracious in convicting our hearts, my wake up call happened through a conversation with the person who shows God's love to me daily: my husband.

He said that he had felt distant from me and gently showed me the self-centeredness in which I was abiding. He pointed out that I wasn't finding my joy or satisfaction in the things that I already have but was longing always for more.

This confession left me in tears because I knew that it was true.

I was letting my selfishness and pride reign in my life and it was affecting my marriage, my job, my ministry, and my relationship with the Lord.

So for 10 days I stayed off of Instagram. And during that time I felt a peace that I can barely describe. I realize now the pressure that I was putting on myself to document everything. I was letting Instagram drive what I was doing instead of living for the King and His glory and letting Instagram be a tool to love others.

In saying these things I want to make clear that I don't think that social media is inherently bad. Rather it is a good thing that can be hijacked by the enemy to be a tool of distraction. It is a way to cause comparison and covetousness to abound if we are not checking our heart's intentions.

I've found a community through Instagram that has challenged, inspired, convicted, and encouraged me.

The women that I love to follow make their homes beautiful because of their love for their families.

But when I let myself start to compare what I have vs. what she has...Well that's where the thief loves to steal joy.

He steals the joy of the home that my husband and I have made together through good times and bad.

He steals the joy in the blessings that I've been given like the garden we have because suddenly I want more and more and more.

But the theft stops here in the name of Jesus!

From now on I will let my life be driven by the love that was so great for sinful humanity that it took on death on a cross and won.

I won't be perfect.

There will be times that I'll compare or covet, but in those moments there is so much grace in Jesus' eyes that I know that I can come and be held and reminded gently to turn my heart back to Him.

So moving forward, as I post to Instagram I'm going to be checking my intentions. If a post is simply written to bring me glory then I will try to refrain from posting it.

If a post is meant to spur encouragement, joy, laughter, inspiration, or draw hearts to Jesus then I'm going to post.

This can be a thing of joy and fun and a way to share the goodness of the Father, but it's only through the leading of the Holy Spirit within me.

If you are reading this and find your heart is turning in your chest because you can relate, stop right now and go to the Father.

Tell Him you've made unimportant things important and important things unimportant and that you want to make a change. Confess any sin that the Spirit brings to mind and thank the Lord for His grace and forgiveness.

And then...Be filled with joy and walk in life,

Life abundantly.

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